Access NOW Mobile App FAQ’s


Access NOW Mobile App FAQ’s

1. Will my Access NOW user ID and Password be the same as my NetTeller Online Banking?
a. Yes.  The User ID and Password will be the same.

2. Can I transfer money between accounts?
a. Yes, if you have that ability with NetTeller Online Banking.

3. Can I pay bills?
a. Yes, if you have that ability with NetTeller Online Banking.
b. New bill payments must be setup using NetTeller Online Banking.

4. Can I deposit checks from Access NOW Mobile App?
a. Yes, however, you MUST ENDORSE the back of the check with FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY.  If this information is not clearly written for endorsement, the check will not be deposited.

5. Will I have immediate availability to the deposited amount?
a. No.  The deposit will be available the next business day if the check is deposited before 4:00 pm Eastern time.

6. Can I deposit checks if I don’t have an iPhone or Android based smartphone?
a. No. This function is only available for iPhone and Android users.

7. I have a smart phone with Internet access, but not an iPhone or Android, can I still use the app?
a. Yes, however Card Management nor the Deposit function will be useable, but all other functions will be useable.

8. What are the fee’s associated with the service?
a. This is a FREE service.

Mobile Text FAQ’s
1. Can I enroll for Mobile Text from my mobile device?
a. No. Enrollment for Mobile Text must begin within your traditional NetTeller site.

2. How do I get information for a specific account?
a. During the enrollment process you designate a mobile short name for each enrolled account. This short name must be included in the text request to get account specific information.

3. How do I UN-enroll from Mobile Text?
a. Un-enrollment can be accomplished one of two ways. You can log in to your traditional NetTeller site and de-select the enroll option or you can text STOP to 89549.

4. What are the functions Mobile Text allows?
a. You may check your balance and history on the selected enrolled accounts using the BAL and HIST entries.

5. What are the fee’s associated with the service?
a. This is a FREE service.

E-Statement FAQ’s
1. How do I sign up for E-Statements?
a. Sign into your NetTeller Internet Banking and select the tab labeled E-Statements. This will populate a second line. Choose Sign-up / Changes and follow the instructions.

2. Will I continue to receive a printed copy via USPS?
a. No. You will be able to print your statements from your home printer.

3.How long will the E-Statements be available to view?
a.Once you begin to receive your E-Statements, an 18 month history will begin building with the first E-Statement.

4. Will a copy of the check image be available with E-Statements?
a. Yes.

5. Can I revert back to regular statements if I don’t like the E-Statement format?
a. Yes. Login to NetTeller and uncheck all selections under the Sign-up / Changes tab.

6. What are the fee’s associated with this service?
a. This is a FREE service.