Mortgage Loans

Citizens Bank will help you understand the mortgage lending process and get you into the home of your dreams!

What You Will Need

One way to make the loan application process flow smoothly is to be certain to bring all the financial background necessary. Here is a quick list of what you will need to complete the application process.

Download: Mortgage Application

A request for credit cannot be considered until the application is completed, signed and delivered to our Swainsboro or Dublin office.

W-2’s for the previous two years.

Copy of your most recent paycheck stub showing your salary for a complete month.

List of employers for the past two years, including addresses and dates of employment.

List of banks, including addresses, types of accounts, account numbers and balances. (Checking and savings accounts, if not already listed on the mortgage application).

List of all open credit accounts including account numbers, payment amounts and balances. (Loans and credit cards, if not already listed on the mortgage application).

Account number of current mortgage and address of lender or current landlord.

Copy of purchase agreement of prospective house.

Approximate amount of annual property taxes.

Copy of homeowners’ insurance policy.

Copy of most recent title or deed to the property.

Copies of your last two month’s bank statements.

Copies of any retirement statements.

Most recent mortgage statement.

If applicable:

Copy of divorce decree.

If you pay child support or alimony, a Friend of the Court letter stating payment amount and proof that account is current.

If self-employed: 1040’s for the previous two years, 1120 corporate tax returns or Form 1065 for partnerships for the previous two years.

Caution: Be extremely cautious about adding debt during the approval process.